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Katie Milne

Acting for Stage and Screen (2010-2012)Katie Milne Head shot

The acting for stage and screen BA (hons) has been one of the most positive influences in my acting education. The combination of subjects covered and wealth of knowledge from a variety of lecturers is exactly the way an acting course, in my opinion, should be run. I was lucky enough to work with an extremely diverse group of lecturers who all specialise in different fields of Acting and from them I have been able to grasp a realistic approach and become a multi-skilled self-employed performer. I left University with a portfolio of head shots, show reels, voice reels, covering letters, audition pieces and audition songs that I still refer and add to with every audition. The course also gave me an opportunity to perform at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe where my co-created company “Pipe Up Productions” performed our own children’s show which received a 5star review and I was signed by my Agent. This was a great start for me as it gave me the foot up that I needed.  The skills that I learned in my time at university I know stand me in good stead for the future. Much of the work I have done has also been through the massive amount of contacts I made at the Screen Academy in Napier University. The course looked at ALL aspects of acting and this has enabled me to begin to carve my career as a professional in the industry.

(Currently working as an actor, producer for ‘Pipe Up Productions’ and a lecturer for Fife College.)


Kirsty Findlay

Acting and English  (2011-2015)

Kirsty Head shotThe BA acting and English course has been created the perfect combination of theory and practical work. This course has presented many opportunities which have helped me to develop my skills as well as allowing me to explore avenues which I may not have previously considered. The close relation with other years and courses has allowed me to take part in a variety of different projects such as films, workshops and plays. In summer 2013 I was part of the fourth year acting student’s final performance as part of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Not only was this a fantastic experience, but it also gave a foresight into what I should expect in my final year. Earlier this year two of my classmates and I formed a theatre company and put on our first production in November. With great support from the university and with fellow students we wrote, directed and performed a play, which overall was a great success. This course is full of new and exciting challenges and the rewards are well worth all the hard work.

(Currently on international tour with the National Theatre of Scotland’s smash hit ‘Our Ladies of Perpetual Succour’.)


Christopher Walster

Acting for stage and screen (2011-2013)

Chris Walster HeadOver my two years on the Acting for Stage and Screen course it has been a rollercoaster of emotions but a brilliant platform in the long run. The course has allowed me to be self-sufficient in finding acting work, opened up a lot more opportunities than I originally thought before doing the course, (for example film editing, directing, script writing and creating my own theatre company) and to be aware of budgeting and business planning. The two main modules I have taken from the course are the film and festival production. I had never done much film work before and since the course it is definitely something I want to pursue further. The festival production was great, not just to be preforming in the Edinburgh Fringe, but also provides a platform for touring your show beyond the fringe and gaining information to produce your own work when acting work isn’t coming your way. In forth year writing your own business plan has been a huge help as it is something you can continue to do in your future career. A lot of people that I have been meeting after the course who trained at other drama schools never did such things, so it’s given me a head start in planning for the future. I would also say my acting techniques have improved a great deal by the training that is provided and there is the chance to audition for the Dundee Rep graduate scheme through doing the course.

Since graduating I have been lucky enough to be signed up by ‘AFA Management’ in Bolton and through the lecturers keeping in contact with their graduates, I got my first paid acting job on a TIE show with Bespoke Theatre and toured around several schools in the Boarders.

(Currently working as an actor and producer in the Manchester area.)


Chanelle Shea-Calvin

Acting for stage and screen (2011-2013)

Chanell Shea Calvin headI have fond memories of my 2 years on the Acting for Stage and Screen course; upon reflection I made a wise choice to move from the West Midlands to Edinburgh to continue my studies.

I especially appreciated being taught and visited by industry professionals who had extensive knowledge and experience of the industry. They provided me with a realistic insight and  hands on approach in my chosen career.

Performing at the Edinburgh Fringe festival was the much awaited finale and closure of the course, it made me self-sufficient, gave me a real understanding of the industry and was an enjoyable and memorable experience.

The support I received went beyond the classroom, as upon completion of the course I am still in contact with my lecturers and they have provided me with opportunity to grow,  I have auditioned for a West End Production and a well-established TV channel with their help and support. In addition to this I got offered representation from ‘AFA Management’ and landed a role in a professional touring company, I am in the process of expanding my company which had been developed whilst studying and I look forward to the future in my chosen profession.

(Currently a presenter on ‘Big Centre TV’.)


Alex Card

Acting and English (2012-2016)

Alex Card HeadSince attending Acting and English at Edinburgh Napier University last year I have developed not only as an actor, but as a person. This fantastic course has introduced me to higher level of educational quality, helping me to realise my strengths and improve on my weaknesses, which I have been able to identify with the aid of a brilliant team of lecturers. Being a part of this course has helped me to establish strong relationships with new people and create opportunities for my future, the latest being a performance that I was recently a part of which was run by a group of students in the year above myself on this course. From my experience, the university are extremely supportive of independent projects and are always providing opportunities for students to expand their set of skills to prepare them for the professional world.

(About to appear at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with the new play ‘A Royal Flush’)


Catherine Exposito

Acting and English  (2011-2015)

Catherine Exposito headBA (Hons) in Acting and English has provided me with an in depth knowledge of the theory and practice of both acting and English studies. The open dialogue with the tutors means that there is a focus on your individual work as well as the opportunity to work as part of a company. We are encouraged to think critically and are faced with new and exciting challenges regularly.  I find the course extremely rewarding as you are able to identify your progress as the semesters pass.  The Acting and English both complement and inspire each other very well. In my time at Napier I have collaborated with various film and television students which have provided me with useful material for my show reel. All the tutors are extremely supportive with regards to both class work and extra-curricular projects. At Napier I have received great feedback regarding a play that I have written and have been given the opportunity to direct my first production out with class time. In 2013 I co-founded a theatre company with two of my classmates and thanks to the constant support and advice from the tutors we were provided with the main performance space at the university, technical support and a set to produce the show! This course is challenging but exciting and offers many opportunities to collaborate and perform in a safe and supportive environment.

(Currently working as a director on the graduate scheme at the Kings Head Theatre in London.)


Scott Oakley

Acting for stage and screen (2011-2013)

Scott Bellas HeadI graduated from Edinburgh Napier and Queen Margaret Universities in 2013 with a 2:1 in BA(hons)in Acting for Stage and Screen. I chose this course mainly because of its personalized, intimate and career driven approach to actor training. I wanted to receive high quality skill based training for both Stage and Screen acting which would prepare me to enter the performing arts profession.  This course really fit the bill as it puts students through a range of tutorials, workshops, stage performances and acting in a number of student films.

During my training I particularly enjoyed the detailed knowledge I was provided with in order to build my ‘actors toolkit.’ Although the course demands it’s students to be independent artists and learners, it also provides the chance for one-on one interaction as well as group tutorials. All of the staff on the course are specialists in their field. They are very generous with their time, always going above and beyond what is expected in order to give their students the best preparation for work possible. The course also has many guest speakers in the fourth year. These guests range from Casting Directors to Actors and Agents, all providing advice and vital industry links.

Furthermore the course extends its students the unique opportunity to learn how to run a theatre company and produce work for the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. It offers training actors fundamental insight into how to gain professional work, manage their finance (including tax and NI self-assessment) and fully function as a free-lance artist.

Since graduating I have started working as professional actor, auditioning for plays, pantomime and commercial work. I have also successfully auditioned for Bite my Thumb Theatre Company and will be playing Ralph in Bouncing Back at the Carridgeworks Theatre. I also continue to run my own theatre company which I started with a friend whilst at ENU/QMU. I am sure that other training institutions would not have provided me with the skills, experience, business knowledge and transferable skills which have allowed me to do all of these things.

To conclude; I would highly recommend this course to anyone who is wishing to complete a high quality actor training and gain the awareness that is needed to succeed and thrive in the performing arts industry.

 (Currently working as an actor and director/ producer for ‘Northern Spark Theatre Company’)